Internet Marketing


Internet marketing involves the use of the Internet to promote products and services. In comparison to the traditional forms of advertising, Internet marketing is very inexpensive and has the potential to reach a much larger number of consumers. This makes it one of the most commonly used marketing strategies among both small businesses and large multinational corporations.

Company Website

Internet marketing typically starts by creating the company’s website which has two goals. The first goal of an online presence is to increase brand awareness and the second goal is to increase the sales. A website enables the firm to present its products or/and services to the online audience and build a relationship with the potential buyers. But it also serves as a tool to increase the sales either directly via online (online shop for instance) or indirectly by establishing a good reputation and increase brand awareness.

A Website that Sells

A website reveals a lot about the company. An attractive design, user-friendly navigation and quality content are highly likely to leave a good impression on the visitors who are also the potential buyers. But a quality website will also attract new visitors. Internet marketing therefore always involves improvement of website design and functionality if necessary. Even the best conceived marketing campaign will not achieve its objectives if the company’s official website is not visually pleasing and if it does not contain useful information for the visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, commonly known simply as SEO plays the key role in Internet marketing because it helps direct more traffic to the websites. And more traffic translates into more sales. SEO involves the use of a number of techniques and strategies to improve search engine ranking for particular keywords. Since the vast majority of Internet users look for information, products and services via search engines, SEO is a very powerful marketing tool.

Other Types of Internet Marketing Techniques

A number of strategies are used to raise brand awareness and increase the sales via online. Examples include display advertising, email marketing, article marketing, social media marketing and video marketing, to mention only a few. Internet marketing campaigns often consist of a combination of different SEO company and general online marketing techniques .

The Results

Most Internet marketing campaigns take time to show results and these are gradual rather than immediate. It is also possible to find online marketing companies that promise fast results but they usually are not long-lasting and may even harm rather than help the business to grow.