Brand Marketing

Brand Awareness Explained


Brand awareness is defined as association of a particular brand with quality and trustworthiness by the consumers. This often involves recalling and recognising the brand’s logo, name or/and other elements and its association with a particular product/service or quality. The goal of most firms is the so-called top-of-mind brand awareness which refers to an immediate association of the brand with a particular category of products by the consumers.

The Role of Brand Awareness in Marketing

High brand awareness helps increase the sales not only of one product/service but of the entire line of products/service by that brand. When consumers like a product or two from a single company and trust the brand to deliver the best value for their money, they are also more likely to buy other products by that brand. Brand awareness therefore plays an important role in marketing.

Successful Brand Marketing Explained

Brand marketing can be defined as successful when the name, logo or other elements of the brand are associated with high quality or other desirable characteristics by the target audience. In this case, it brings two major benefits to the brand owner. Firstly, it increases the sales because most people choose a branded product or service over non-branded alternative even if the latter has a lower price. And secondly, successful brand marketing allows the company to set higher prices because most consumers are willing to pay more if they are certain that they are getting better quality.

Brand Elements

In order to increase brand awareness which is the main goal of brand marketing, various tools and techniques can be used. But before the actual marketing campaign can be launched, it is necessary to determine the elements of the brand. These may include:

Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

Various marketing strategies can be used to increase brand awareness and maintain it on a high level among the target audience. Examples include online marketing such as article marketing and banner advertising, press releases, corporate gifts, direct mailing, etc., depending on the target audience and the budget. Brand awareness campaigns may also be an integral part of product/service promotion campaigns and vice versa.